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On The Big Bang Theory

I am watching The Bing Bang Theory these days. Thank Johnny for his intro, though I had heard of it from more than 5 different sources.

And, I find I has set English instead of Chinese as my officially language after watching The Bing Bang Theory for a long time(for example, 4 hours). So, you see this blog. To my surprise, it never happened to me after watching CSI(Crime Scene Investigation, my first American sitcom). Ok, I think I would (Wow, subjunctive mood?) find a green sun rising on the west.

Ok, that’s all.


PS:I am sure this blog mixed lots of solecisms. Oh if you see this blog, teacher Liu, pleaese don’t print and send it to your students in your class as “find mistakes” exercise.

6 Responses to “On The Big Bang Theory”

  1. jiongny说道:

    Sun of beach! What the hell is "solecism"!

  2. Netson说道:

    jiongnySun of beach! What the hell is "solecism"!Ok, I’am sorry to hear that~

  3. pizza说道:

    should CSI be filed under sitcom?

  4. Netson说道:

    pizzashould CSI be filed under sitcom?Ok, I’am afrade not…..

  5. secangel说道:


  6. Netson说道:

    中文的wow, thank you~~


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